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Dreaming about that perfect outdoor space? Let’s make it a reality!

July 26, 2017

It is summertime, which means the days are longer, and as the temperature rises there is nothing better than lounging in your backyard truly soaking up this blissfully sweet season. Many homeowners focus heavily on making sure their front yard and entrance areas are completely trimmed up and flawless, but the backyard is truly where you can bring your own personal oasis to life. Whether it’s an artfully assembled outdoor kitchen space for the culinary master in your family, or a cozy corner for relaxing lined with lush green plants, planning and executing your perfect outdoor space requires thorough planning and a great team to help. Here at First Cut General Contractors, we are ready to jump into the planning process with you and help you make your dream outdoor space a reality! When thinking about your outdoor space coming to life, it might be difficult figuring out where to begin and what factors you need to think about. So, before jumping into the construction phases, let’s take a minute to review some helpful design and functionality tips for this additional space.

Functionality and Decor

With all of the overwhelming pictures and articles of extravagant outdoor living spaces out there in the media, it’s definitely not easy to pinpoint exactly what you want yours to look like. The best place to start is to take a good amount of time to think about what you expect to gain from the additional area itself. Do you want additional entertaining space? Do you want a special place to relax and read with a glass of wine at the end of a long day? Or maybe you want a better defined play area for your kids? Be honest with yourself about the expectations of the area and narrow it down as much as possible.

After deciding exactly what you want from the outdoor space, begin to think about what elements and design factors you would like to include. A good place to begin is to narrow down what kinds of materials you would like to use. You might want to focus on natural materials such as wood or stone, or maybe more of an industrial feel using treated metals and glass pieces. Keep in mind the existent decor and construction of your home, and make sure the elements you choose correspond and look as cohesive as possible. You can even pull inspiration from ways you’ve already decorated the inside of your house!

Budget Time!

Once you’ve got a theme picked out and a good idea of what you expect from the space, you can begin to work on exactly how much your budget will need to be. This is obviously not as enjoyable as daydreaming about the space itself, but it is absolutely a necessary step. Once you have a general idea of how much you will be able to spend, we will gladly help fit everything else together for you. Experts also suggest a good way to save a little bit of money prior to construction starting, would be to focus on cleaning up as much of your backyard space as possible yourself. This includes cleaning up dead brush, weeding, and moving rocks out of the way that might interfere with the location of construction.

Water Drainage and Foliage

Experts also suggest making sure to consider water drainage when building your outdoor living space in your backyard. We will make sure to discuss all possible water drainage options with you including underground water drainage installation. Lastly, before confirming the types of plants you might want in the area, take a look around your yard as well as your neighbor’s property. Making sure that your plants are either native to the area or easily adaptable to your climate is very important in guaranteeing that they will thrive happily for many years.

Other Things to Consider…

Even though general design, aesthetics, and function of your outdoor space is very important- it is also suggested to keep in mind a few other factors. One of the most important things to keep in mind when thinking about your new project, is how much upkeep and maintenance you are willing to commit to the space. Depending on how much time you can commit to your newly constructed outdoor space, you will need to think about how often the materials might need to be re-treated or tended too. You can also consider the maintenance needed on your furniture and plants in the area. Be honest with yourself and your time, and consider other alternatives for the materials, furniture, and plants that might be a little more low maintenance if needed.

Another important part of creating the appropriate ambiance for your space, is the lighting locations and fixtures you choose. Depending on what activities will be taking place in your backyard, you might need more light or vice versa. For example, if you’re working towards having more of a relaxing space, you are going to want to source out softer and smaller light fixtures, or consider string lights. Alternatively, if you are using the space for a children’s play area or entertaining large groups of guests, you will need to consider light fixtures that give off more light.

Overall, beginning to plan your outdoor space doesn’t need to be overly stressful and is more about your personal preferences and style than anything else. Once you have gone through the process of narrowing down what you expect from the additional outdoor space and envision what you want it to look like, the rest will begin to fall into place. And First Cut General Contractors will be by your side throughout the entire process, and we promise to make your dreams come true while making sure your construction is safe and efficient. Our specialization in new construction, remodels, and outdoor living spaces helps guarantee a smooth process for all of our customers in the Durango and Telluride areas. So give us a call today, and let us help you build that spectacular outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming about!





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