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Snow Melt Systems in Durango and Telluride, CO

First Cut General Contractor specializes in custom snow melt systems and ice removal for residential and commercial customers in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. This region suffers from long winters packed back-to-back with heavy snowfalls. For this reason, protecting structures against snow, ice, ice damns, and icicle buildup with our snow melt systems can make all the difference!

Snow and ice accumulation isn’t just a hassle to be dealt with every morning in your driveway. Snow and ice buildup also puts damaging structural stress on your roof, straining its integrity and pooling to create harmful roof leaks that can spread quickly. Our roof snow and ice melt systems prevent such buildup and direct snow right onto the ground. Additionally, our driveway installations keep your path clear for walking and driving. Never pick up a snow shovel again! We use the finest products from Heatizon Systems and Summit Ice Melt Systems. Our customized snow melt services include:

Snow Melt System Design

We consult with you about your past experiences with snow and ice accumulation and take into consideration your home design, garage and driveway layout, location and elevation. First Melt will help you decide what type of snow melt system would be most efficient and cost-effective for you.

Snow Melt System Installation

We’re happy to build a customized snow melt system right into your new construction to prevent any snow buildup at your new home or building.

Snow Melt System Retrofitting

We also specialize in customized installations of snow melt systems on your roof or in your driveway to permanently eliminate the inconvenience and potential damage of snow buildup.

Snow Removal

First Cut General Contractor also provides a variety of snow and ice removal services for the residents of Durango, Telluride, and Crested Butte. If you don’t have the time or ability to shovel your driveway and sidewalk, we can do it for you. We can also provide ice melting or removal depending on your preference. Finally, we are ready to install heat tape on your pipes to prevent them from freezing in the cold winter months.

Call First Cut General Contractors at 970-259-6866 to learn how a customized snow melt system could save both you and your home the stress of heavy snow buildup.

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